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About Southern Nest

courtney-sm.jpgSouthern Nest, based out of Huntersville, NC, was founded by Courtney Ronay, author of the blog Charming Little Nest.  The dream of Southern Nest started as Courtney saw the need for top quality custom designs.  Operations began in October of 2011 and Southern Nest gained “fame” for its popular wooden monograms.  Southern Nest has grown rapidly ever since.

Over time, the “monogram” product evolved to ensure that it was the best on the market.  Southern Nest uses Russian Baltic Birch (top quality) to ensure that the monogram is both durable and lightweight.  All monograms are cut using industrial CNC technology to ensure a flawless design.

Southern Nest offers monograms both painted and unpainted.  In October of 2012, Southern Nest contracted painting out to a company known for their beautiful artistry.  The artists have had work featured in honorable publications, such as Better Homes and Gardens.  They professionally paint the monograms using a beautiful lacquer, giving the monogram a smooth, “furniture-like” finish.  They prove to be of tremendous value to the beauty of the Southern Nest monograms.

The quality of the Southern Nest monogram is defined by the signature blue dot of Southern Nest Blue paint on the back of each creation.  To read more about the Southern Nest Blue, click here.

So step in, look around, and enjoy yourself.  Don’t be a stranger.  When you bring a Southern Nest creation into your home, you are welcoming in a bit of the South.

You can read about Courtney’s journey into the creation of Southern Nest here.


Welcome! I'm Courtney Ronay, founder of Southern Nest® and Charming Little Nest Blog™. I juggle being a wife and mommy while running my rapidly growing company. I believe that creating a beautiful home involves many elements, all of which are very achievable. Here you can shop for my collection of wooden monograms, then take a peek into my home. Because, frankly, it just wouldn't be very "southern" if I didn't invite you in.
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